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Susan Ronayne's paranormal
murder mystery Marche's Madness.
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    Al Marche considers herself an average American woman; aside from her terminal  clumsiness, anxiety disorder and sensitivity to the spirit world.  Caring for her ailing mother and their dysfunctional Pug dog, Al also juggles the hectic demands of a booming catering business, co-owned with her best friend, while pursuing a promising relationship with a handsome local fireman.  It's no wonder busy Al looks forward to a little rest and relaxation as the gang piles into the catering van and sets off for Spring Valley, a peaceful village where Al's close pal, Gretchen, is soon to be wed.
     Unfortunately, Al's plans for a quiet vacation are short lived.  Soon after arriving at the secluded bed and breakfast, recently purchased by Gretchen and her fiance, Al experiences a paranormal episode more intense and terrifying than anything she has ever encountered.  A sinister apparition is determined to harm those on the grounds...but why?  Gretchen is possessed, animals are behaving strangely, and inanimate objects come to life.  The cemetery on the property confirms that prior owners died young, while local lore delares they met violent deaths, reputedly at the hands of their own loved ones.  Amid rumors of a witch's curse, an eclectic cast of characters assemble to banish the malevolent spirit. 
   Come along, as quirky Al Marche and her comrades delve into the mystery of a haunting hundreds of years in the making.
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